22 October 2012


My name is Vanessa, and I'm a fashionholic. 

But instead of boring you to death with another cliché introduction of a teenage girl confessing her love of fashion, I'l just cut to the chase itself. 

Born as Vanessa Naji Elias, found on Facebook under Vanessa Zuleyka Amira (simply to confuse the sh*t out of people), I'm a 17 year old student of Syrian, Hungarian and American descent roaming the streets of Budapest. I Have come to the decision of creating my own blog after the continuous and compelling nagging of my dear friend Lilla, (Who better be reading this right now and know that If I make a fool out of myself and fail, she'll be the one paying my therapist!).  

The concept that my lilliputian and cramped brain (Thank You IB), has come up with is a visual assortment of the things that characterize me the most : fashion, photography, travel and lifestyle. Forgot to note sarcasm.  

Therefore, you are cordially invited on a journey that might just let you understand what's going on under that big mane of syrian quality hair. 

And the Million Dollar Question: Why am I writing only in English if I speak fluent Hungarian?  Because no matter how big my mouth is in person, my Hungarian was home taught (I attend an American school), and simply don't feel like making a fool out of myself with simple grammatical mistakes, neither do I want you cracking your computer screens out of frustration after I have misspelled the same word for the forty-fith time. 

De ahogyan tudjuk a remény hal meg utoljara, szoval még ez is elofordulhat. 

Es igen, meg ekezetek sincsenek a laptopomon sajnos. 


PS: Meanwhile technology and I are a less physical yet more combative version of Tom and Jerry, and I figure out how to add stuff to this page, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to: 

Like me on Facebook (If our relationship isn't on there it's not official) http://www.facebook.com/boobsandloubsblog

Seduce me with your questions on Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/BoobsandLoubs

Or simply become a visual companion on Instagram: zuleykaamira

And that's a full on example of meticulous
self-exploitation Ladies and Gentlemen. 

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  1. Szia:) irj magyarul neha, nem mindent ertek angolul, de erdekelne mit irsz!