25 November 2012


Tis the season to :

A) Become a hermit and crumple up on your couch, not leave your apartment as your
body decides to shut off all kinds of functions under 10 degrees celsius, and watch Christmas
movies where your eyes gaze over extravagant on screen shopping scenarios located in
Harrods, Barneys, Bergdorfs and Lafayette. 

B) Jet off to the Bahamas and pretend Chanukkah ain't have shit on you

C) There is no option C

So, if you part with option A I have news for you!!!

Have you walked down Andrassy these past few months? Have you ever actually
looked around instead of texting your boyfriend that you'll be at Deak in 5 minutes
where in reality, your still strutting your stuff in front of the Opera house? 

Well, I if your pupils have let the light shine in, I'm pretty sure you've noticed
the humongous construction site. If not, get glasses!

And now, Drum Rolls pleeeaaaassseeeeee.....
We're getting our own luxury department store!!!

Il Bacio di Stile will be opening its doors  in March 2013, awaiting you
with over 40 luxury brands Hungary has never seen before. Valentino, Celine, Chloe anyone?
Modeled after Harrods, the gorgeous building (and even more gorgeous clothes.. DUH)
will also have a sky bar and restaurant on-top with a breathtaking view of our beloved
(beloved when it isn't freezing and you don't get squished in the metro) City. 

So, if you'll want to feel like Blair Waldor or Serena van der Woodsen (SHOOT ME, I can't
believe I just quoted Gossip Girl!!) for a day, or all day everyday, poppin' champagne, HA see 
what I did there with the rhyme? Yeah, I know you do,  You can get your nails done
in the Luxury spa in the basement, get your cosmetics fix on the main level with
prestigious brands such as Chanel and Le Mer, and you know... fill up your closet
Carrie Bradshaw style from the accessories and garments sections before making your
way up for the royal feast. 

So, what are you gonna do now? I know: save up a wad of cash and go cray-cray in March! 

Need more info? Check out their Facebook Page  or read a Hungarian Article from Glamour

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