14 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Picks

Horizontal Dress $200

Oversized Dress $130

Biker Jacket $250

Fusion of Two Dresses $200

Oversized Turtleneck $150
Unless your utter blind, this is the only item that's not black on my list. Cheers peeps!

Trompe L'oeil Bodysuit $40
You know that feeling when you see something sooooo ugly, it simply becomes cute?
Well, this had to make the cut. But oh child, I wouldn't wear this if I'd be 
the one getting 40 bucks!

Plexi Wedge $300

Plexi Wedge $300
Candy Wrapper Clutch $60

With a dress that consists of two sewn together, a biker jacket that resembles something
my father's old Rottweiler would have had a date with, some cleavage and spray-tan action, 
and plastic that really should have been thrown into a recycling bin near your household, 
I'm still deciding wether calling this collection magnificent would be just, or farce. 

The second dress would definitely make a great cover if you're avoiding MTV's Sixteen and 
Pregnant camera crews, while the biker jacket conveys Holden Caulfield gone bad, or 
Ponyboy Curtis from S.E Hinton's Outsiders, after a Greaser fight.

But If I were to skip school on thursday... not considering it...who would?....
I'd definitely stock up on those plexi wedges. The red ones scream Dorothy following
the yellow brick road after a collision with the London Eye, while the black ones connote
office lady. Red it is Folks! 

Now, let's all camp outside H&M as if it were Black Friday, and hope all
odds will be in our favor when fighting for those plexi wedges. 

And yes, there is no doubt that I'm a higher level literature student:
Just look at all these allusions. 

Which ones will you be getting? 

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