21 November 2012


Thank You! Merci! Gracias! Koszonom! Danke! Grazie! Obrigado! Multumesc! Tack!
 And the list goes on and on….

It's been one month, 29 posts, over 64,000 views, hundreds of heartwarming messages, some haters and too much time spent on posting here instead of focusing in my classes. It has been one hell of a ride!  

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this little personal project would become such a success overnight. The numbers, and more importantly you guys,  yes.. you, blew my mind away! I I know some of you might not be fluent in English and just take joy ,and hopefully inspiration, from the photos and visual context, but for those who do: This is my time to thank you for making all of this possible for me! To a very special friend, Lilla, who constantly nagged me over coffee, or  while freezing our asses off on a bench in Millenaris watching little kids on the brink of falling into the water and screaming mothers, to start my own fashion blog. I should have trusted her instincts a little earlier… Imadlak Lillus! 
I know this is starting to sound like a speech televised live from the Oscars, but I really am grateful to all those who have liked, shared and spread the word about the blog! 
You guys are amazing!!! 

This blog has opened several doors for me, may lead to some future collaborations,
and who knows what else if the numbers keep growing so rapidly? 
I cherish this space in the endless stream of the internet as if it were my own child, 
and try to improve and give you guys the best! You give me motivation to 
go even further and reach for new ideas, projects and developments, some
of which you'll be seeing in the near future hopefully! 

And just for the sake of being rhetoric and repetitive; THANK YOU!


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